ACCOUNTS resource errors.




REG-200 a REG-299

Request is invalid

Invalid Request. There was an unidentified problem with the request.

REG-300 a REG-399

Node is missing

Mandatory parameter or node is not present in the request's JSON.

REG-400 a REG-499

Already been taken

The informed value is already present and cannot be duplicated.

REG-500 a REG-599

Field is empty

Parameter entered has the value "empty" or nonexistent in the request's JSON.

REG-600 a REG-699

Value is invalid

The parameter entered has an invalid value. It can be the formatting, type, or pattern of the value expected.

REG-700 a REG-799

Query string parameter is missing, exactly one parameter must be provided / Query string parameter should be only one for this resource

A parameter in the URL (Query String) is required or more than one has been entered.


Couldn't save the account. Try again later

The account could not be saved. please try again after some time.