The first step to using the Wirecard APIs is to authenticate yourself. It is at this stage that you will connect with our services and will be able to start developing your application. To make the requests in our APIs you will need the access keys that are available in your sandbox account. The token and key are confidential and we recommend that you do not share them in public or third-party environments.
Authentication for the Wirecard APIs is done via HTTP Basic Auth and must follow the steps described below.


Authentication Flow

1. Create a test account clicking here
2. Access your account clicking here
3. To get your access keys, follow the path: Minha conta >> Configurações >> Chaves de acesso
4. In your development tool, the token must be the username and the key will be the password. We like use Postman and it will be used in the next examples. As below, in an example of how authentication data should be filled in. :)

Token = username
Chave = passwordToken = username
Chave = password

Token = username
Chave = password

On Postman, just select the "Authorization" option, and in "Type", select the "Basic Auth" option, after selecting the authentication type, you must enter your token in the "Username" option and your key in "Password" option. Ready! Postman will create convert your credentials to Base64 and will set them in the Authorization header of the request.

Certifique-se de configurar o **header** corretamente com os valores do **Content-Type** e **Authorization**.Certifique-se de configurar o **header** corretamente com os valores do **Content-Type** e **Authorization**.

Certifique-se de configurar o header corretamente com os valores do Content-Type e Authorization.



  1. In the case of Postman, the program itself generates Base64 encryption. This code is the result of the combination of token and key and is used as the default value in the authorization to this integration kind. If your development tool does not do the encryption automatically you can do it on sites like Base64 encode.
    To do this simply insert the keys (separated by :) in the empty field and click on ENCODE

  2. To ensure good text formatting, ensure that your application is set to ISO 8859-1 encode format.