The first step in using the Wirecard APIs is to go through the authentication process. It is at this stage that you will connect with our services and be able to start developing your application.

First of all, to make requests in our APIs, you will need the access keys that are available in your sandbox account. The access keys (token and key) are confidential and we recommend that you do not share them in public environments or with third parties.

In the case of developing a marketplace application, authentication is done through OAuth . In this mode, you must authenticate using the code accessToken generated when creating the Wirecard APP. For more information on creating the app and get the accessToken visit the Marketplace Setup section.



If you use Postman you can follow the steps below:

1. Under Authorization select the type OAuth 2.0.
2. In Headers you must set the key Authorization and put the code accessToken in value .



To ensure good text formatting, make sure your application is configured to the ISO 8859-1 format.