Capture Pre-authorized Multipayment

Pre-authorization is a feature that allows you to "reserve" an amount of a customer's card limit for later capture. This can be used to increase anti-fraud analysis time (if you have a tool of your own). Each pre-authorization can be held for up to 5 days and, if the catch does not occur, the multipayment will be canceled.

This API allows you to capture a multipayment that is pre-authorized on Wirecard. So you can pre-authorize the payment, using the delayCapture attribute when creating a multipayment. You can only capture a multipayment that has PRE_AUTHORIZED status.



Upon the recommendation of the credit card companies, a pre-authorized multipayment shall be captured in up to 5 days . If this period is exceeded, Wirecard will automatically cancel the multipayment.



To create a pre-authorized multipayment you must create a multipayment using the delayCapture attribute. Here is an example of the attribute that should set as true to be enabled.

            "fullname":"Credit card holder name",
               "city":"Belo Horizonte",
               "street":"Avenida Getúlio Vargas",