This is the last step for your website to start selling

The homologation is a process applied to Wirecard that aims to give more quality guarantees to your business. When integrating into Wirecard, all sites must go through this process with the exception of those using e-commerce platforms or Magento type modules. The main objective of the homologation is to ensure that your integration with Wirecard is taking place in the best possible way, thus avoiding errors in the payment process, in addition to assisting in opportunities to improve the experience of your checkout use, considerably increasing the conversion of your store.

It is in the homologation process that our team will carry out various tests on your website in order that possible errors in the system are found and corrected before your business starts the transactions.

All examples provided in this documentation refer to the Wirecard testing environment (Sandbox), where there are no actual charges. However, the behavior performed in the Sandbox environment is identical to the real environment (Production).

After integration in the Sandbox environment, before going to production , its integration must go through the approval process. Our team will perform some purchase tests and, if the integration meets the minimum requirements, you will receive credentials for using the API in production.



After having your approval approved you must change your authentication keys (token and key) and the endpoint to point the calls to the production environment. Note that the access keys are different in the sandbox and production environment .

See below the endpoints of the sandbox and production environments and realize that before putting your website on the air you must change the endpoints to the production model.

  • Production: https://api.moip.com.br
  • Sandbox: https://sandbox.moip.com.br



Before making the homologation request, make sure that you have gone through all the essential points for good integration with us:

  1. The information requested from the payer must meet the mandatory information to process a payment.

  2. The payer must be clearly informed of the total amount to be paid in a single charge, including discounts and additions.

  3. Wirecard cannot be mentioned at any time during the checkout as the customer's point of contact to answer questions or deal with problems about the transaction.



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