Protected Sale Program

The Protected Sale program offers coverage against fraud in payments not authorized by the credit cardholder. This means that if your transaction is eligible for the program, disputes generated due to fraud will not be charged to your account. You now have additional peace of mind to make your sales.

The Protected Sale program covers all Wirecard sellers who work with tangible products, that is, that there is the possibility of proving delivery to the address where the transaction was processed.

We calculate the Protected Sale rate as follows:

0.5% of the revenue of the last 12 months together with the Chargeback index by the value that cannot exceed 1% of this revenue.


Billing = R$440.000,00 (01/01/2019 - 01/01/2020).
Chargeback = R$ 4.000,00
Chargeback Index = R $ 4.000,00 / R $ 440.000,00 100% = 0.91% (less than 1%)
Amount available to cover the program = 0.05% R $ 440.000,00 = R $ 2.200,00

Therefore, any chargeback resulting from fraud that is proven in the amount of R $ 2.200,00 in the last 12 months, in this case, maybe assumed by Wirecard.

In order for your transaction to fall under the Protected Sale, it is necessary that some fields must be sent when creating the Order and Payment. You can also see this information in the chart below.

Are covered

  • All Wirecard users who have a Business or Professional account.
  • Transactions related to the sale of physical products that require delivery and are in national stock.
  • The total value of the sale and the Wirecard chargeback fee.

Not covered

  • Intangible goods, digital products, and services.
  • Products that have been personally delivered to the buyer.
  • Claims or chargebacks for products other than those described in the goods' shipping and receiving documents.
  • Products that the seller has shipped after the Wirecard alert not to ship them.
  • Products sent to the buyer's address and then redirected to another address.
  • Products that were not sent to the buyer's address informed by Wirecard.


  • Have sold a product that is a physical and tangible asset, which can be sent through a logistics company or through the Post Office.
  • Send the product after receiving payment confirmation from Wirecard.
  • Send the product sold to the address informed in the transaction captured and processed by Wirecard.
  • Have proof of postage of the product through a logistics company or by post.
  • Respond, in a timely manner, to any request from Wirecard for documentation or other information.