Before creating your order it is important to understand the statuses that an order can have here on Wirecard!

Status is the current condition that the order is in our transactional process.

You can receive notifications for each status change by setting the Notification Preference . Each change of status is called event .




Order Created , but it does not have any attributed payment yet.


Order waiting for payment confirmation . Indicates that there is a card payment under review or a slip that has not yet been confirmed by the bank.


Order order paid . The payment created to this order has been authorized.


Order not paid . Payment made on this order has been canceled (Card payments can be canceled by Wirecard or by the card issuer, tickets can be canceled 5 days after expiration if it does not have a payment, bank debit can be canceled in case of failure or bank cancellation).


Order reverted . The order has suffered a chargeback or been fully refunded.