As with the order, it is important that you understand the possible payment statuses.

You can receive notifications of these statuses by setting the Notification Preference .




First payment event, an indication that payment was Created .


Status update to Waiting indicates that Wirecard is waiting for payment confirmation.


Status In Analysis indicates that the payment is undergoing a risk analysis within the Wirecard. The risk analysis may be automatic or manual.


Payment Pre-authorized : This status indicates the reservation of the payment amount on the customer's card. After pre-authorization, it is possible to capture the reserved amount within 5 days. After this period, Wirecard will cancel the transaction automatically.


Status update for Authorized means that the payment has been captured and debited on the customer's card or recognized with the bank, this status is the indicator that the payment has been made and you must proceed with the purchase delivery.


Payment Canceled (Card payments can be canceled by Wirecard or by the credit card issuer, tickets are canceled 5 days after expiration, bank debit can be canceled in case of failure).


Payment Refunded (the refunds are processed by Wirecard and/or Merchant).


Payment Status Update for Reversed (Reversed is the impugnment of the payment made by the direct buyer to the credit card emitter, for example for the reason of not acknowledging the payment on your invoice).


Payment status update for Settled , amount available for transfer to a bank account (withdrawal).