Wirecard Connect

Wirecard Connect allows your application, be it a Marketplace, an application to call services, an e-commerce platform, or any system that helps people or companies to receive payments, to have access to their users' Wirecard Accounts. You register your application with Wirecard, connect with your users' Wirecard Accounts if they already have one, or create new accounts using the Wirecard account creation API. This gives you permission to:

- Process payments on behalf of your users.
- Get data from your users' Wirecard Accounts.

There are two ways to use Wirecard Connect :

1. Obtaining permissions to use the Wirecard Classical Accounts. from Wirecard users through OAuth 2.0;

2. by creating a Transparent Account. managed by your own application.

In the next sections, you have access to all the information necessary for the integration of your marketplace or e-commerce platform with Wirecard.

Good luck and good work :)